PV-ezRack Carport I / II

The Universal Ground Mounted Solution

The Clenergy PV-ezRack Carport I / II is a universal ground mount PV-mounting system for landscape orientation, which provides covered parking for vehicles, primarily cars, etc. The advanced design incorporates adaption to high wind and snow loads, waterproofing and cost reduction at the same time. Patented aluminum base rails, Z-module technology and rail splicing eliminate on-site cutting and enable particularly fast installation. The unique design of Y post and covering make Carport I / II very eye-catching.

Key Benefits

Customized Solution

We offer customized solution for PV-ezRack Carport I/II. One-car span or two-car span can be selected.

Waterproof Function

Unique waterproof function shelters the cars from rain and enables people to walk under the carport.

Maximized Compatibility

Designed as a universal mounting system, PV-ezRack Carport I / II is applicable to most framed solar modules on the market.

Strict Quality Control

Clenergy conducts strict quality management and control of selection, purchasing and production process, to guarantee structure strength and service life of system are optimal.

Innovative Design

The design highlight--Y post, simple and graceful, makes it easy for parking and walking. The space utilization is maximized while saving substantial installation cost and time. The smart structural design in T-rail and main support beam enables modules sliding into the rails for easy installation.


Carport I:




  PV-ezRack T-Rail

  Part Number: ER-R-T150





ER-SP-T150.jpg  PV-ezRack Splice for T-150Rail

  Part Number: ER-SP-T150





  Waterproof Bar-Portrait 5105 (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-B-P5105





  Waterproof Bar-Landscape (with Bushing)

  Part Number: ER-B-L





  Waterproof Bar-Landscape (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-B-L/A





  T bolt kit

  Part Number: ER-B-T6/65





  Cross Connection for Waterproof Bar -Landscape (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CC-B/L





  End Cap for Portrait Waterproof Bar (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CAP-B/P





  Cover for Landscape Waterproof Bar (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CAP-B/LTop





  PV-ezRack Rail Clamp for T-Rail

  Part Number: ER-RC-T





  Main Support Beam

  Part Number: ER-B-150





  Splice for Main Support Beam

  Part Number: ER-SP-B150





  PV-ezRack Solar Carport, Post

  Part Number: ER-L-80





  PV-ezRack Solar Carport, Carport Plate

  Part Number: ER-D-200





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